(GUEST POST) 5 Amazon Business Tasks You Shouldn't Be Performing as an eCommerce Owner

In this digital day and age, consumers have become smarter and more demanding when it comes to buying products online. There has been nothing but intense competition between online businesses. However, there is this one company that’s been constantly shaping the landscape of ecommerce in the last decade -- Amazon.

Known as the online retail giant, Amazon has become the largest marketplace platform where manufacturers and distributors can sell their own products.

How Freelancing Has Helped the eCommerce Industry

This year, Amazon is turning 25 years old. Who would believe that this ecommerce giant is still in its infancy? Dubbed as the Grandfather of Ecommerce, Amazon has continuously topped the online sales board during its growing years. It’s not showing any signs of slowing down at all.

Amazon is just one, independent ecommerce brand. As it grows, its competitors are forced to step up their game, making the ecommerce industry one of the biggest contributors to the economy. By 2020, growth projections estimate ecommerce revenues to exceed $638 billion in the US alone. Since online shopping can be performed from just about anywhere and has customers from everywhere, global projections are also showing an upward track.

Freelancing is also a popular and growing industry. Providing independent services to companies in the way of the future. Over the past decade, freelance services are rising in popularity and have become the backbone of ecommerce. Hiring independent experts has given business owners the advantage by allowing them to scale and focus on business priorities.

Ecommerce can be overwhelming. Amazon is like the big box retail store that helps brands get in front of consumers. But Amazon has more to offer than the average mall because of its local popularity and global reach. Of course, the idea of getting more sales means that you also need to do a lot of work.

As a business owner, your objective is to grow your company. Instead of stumbling over learning the basics of Amazon, you can tap freelance experts to do your Amazon tasks for you.

In this article, we shall discuss the impact of freelancing on the growth of the ecommerce industry. We hope that by the end of this reading, you’ll have a better understanding of the importance of focusing on high-value tasks and delegating tasks that are out of your expertise to freelancers who have mastered Amazon.

To illustrate, we have compiled a list of the 5 most basic Amazon tasks that you can immediately assign to a hired specialist.

Why hire an ecommerce freelancer?

Every ecommerce entrepreneur is aware of the ever-growing, never-ending task list that comes with running this type of business. This is where Ecommerce freelancers come to the rescue.

These online professionals each have their own area of expertise to help you target pain points in your business. Freelancers who specialize in Amazon tasks may also have multiple skills, of course, such as inventory management and fulfillment, product research and market analysis, or content creations and customer service.

Hiring different contractors with a range of expertise can help you get more things done without having the need to monitor them regularly. Instead, you can focus on the high-value tasks that will bring your company to success.

5 Amazon Tasks to Delegate to an eCommerce Freelancer

If you are selling on Amazon (or planning to), there are many areas where an ecommerce freelancer can help you out. We’ve laid out 5 of the most basic tasks that any Amazon seller should outsource.

1. Inventory Management

Inventory management is one of the tasks that are time-consuming but essential to running your ecommerce store. Imagine having to worry about running out of product one month, then having too much the next.

There are best practices to follow when it comes to inventory management. An ecommerce freelancer specializing in Amazon equipped with that knowledge can help you manage purchasing to control inventory levels effectively.

2. Order Fulfillment

Amazon shoppers are demanding but they can be very loyal to your brand, too. The primary secret to keeping your customers happy is by having a fast and efficient order fulfillment service. There is no room for missed orders, delayed shipments, and returns if you have a professional who handles this area of your business.

You get orders every day, and should not be handling them yourself. You need to get someone to help you manage them.

3. Copywriting

How many times have you heard the phrase “Content is KING?” In the world of online shopping, words are powerful tools in helping you get more sales. I’m sure you can write, but if it is not in your area of expertise, you won’t be able to write compelling product pages.

Freelance writers for Amazon listings are skilled in product page optimization, allowing your target customers to see your product on Amazon search pages. Furthermore, they can take care of other copywriting for any offsite marketing you are targeting for your brand.

4. Amazon PPC

Amazon’s Sponsored Ad platform was created as a tool to drive traffic to your Amazon store. It is a small investment with high returns in terms of product sales. Obviously, this aspect of your business requires marketing skills.

Amazon PPC specialists focus on researching, setting up, and monitoring your ad campaigns. The best ones will give you more than just a break-even result, so you should make sure to hire the right person with the right experience that has proven to get results.

5. Customer Service

Buyer reviews are the make or break of a brand on Amazon.com. Hence, customer service is probably one of the top priorities of any online seller. If you end up doing this part of your business yourself, it won’t be long until you burn out from the stress of handling agitated customers and repetitive queries.

In this regard, hiring a customer support specialist is the best investment you can make. You are better off assigning this task to an expert who has the specific aptitude for customer service rather than having your time and patience sucked away from your business’s core needs.

Take note, however, that every company is different. Depending on your business model, some of these Amazon tasks may or may not be necessary. Just keep in mind that in every business decision you make, always consider your goals, your customers, and the brand image you are trying to uphold.

Free Up More of Your Time

Jumping onto the Amazon bandwagon is not easy, even if you are a brand that has maintained a good track record for each of your products. You should at least know the basics of what you’re getting in to. Self-learning with online articles will help, but would take up too much of your valuable time.

Skip the learning curve and hire experts like Goat Consulting and FreeeUp. These are 2 mutual resources that can you can use to help you get started with online selling.

To understand how Amazon works, specialists like Goat Consulting, who know the ins and outs of the marketplace, can provide your brand with strategic guidance. They carry out integrated services from analyzing business and sales models, to setting up seller accounts, implementing strategies, and following up with results. You can reach out to Goat Consulting any time.

Once equipped with the fundamentals of Amazon selling, you need to find the right people to help you with everyday tasks and free up your time. Freelance recruitment experts, such as FreeeUp, that specialize in ecommerce business hiring can scale up your Amazon operations. If you haven’t quite figured out the Amazon tasks you want to delegate yet, feel free to schedule a meeting with Nathan Hirsch, CEO of FreeeUp.com, to help you get started.