Amazon Marketplace Strategy White Paper August 2019 Update

Goat Consulting has updated the Amazon Marketplace Strategy White Paper

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In 2015, Goat Consulting began offering Amazon Marketplace business services to brands and manufacturers selling on the marketplace. One of the key benefits of bringing on a partner like Goat Consulting is that it gives brands and manufacturers the opportunity to work with experts who devote their entire focus to the Amazon Marketplace.

This white paper is an introduction to selling on the Marketplace. It discusses what the Amazon Marketplace is, how customers shop on the platform, competition for the Buy Box and the different business models for selling on We hope that by the end of reading this you have a better understanding of:

  • The opportunity of selling on

  • How customers shop on the platform

  • The different business models for selling on Amazon

By the end of this paper, you will be able to confidently discuss how your business can benefit from the sales channel. If you have any questions regarding this white paper or anything Amazon related, please reach out to us at

New For August 2019 Version Amazon Marketplace Strategy

Amazon is an ever-changing and expanding marketplace. Goat Consulting continues to be at the forefront of changes happening on Amazon. New for the 2019 version includes:

  • Customer Obsession leadership principle at Amazon

  • Amazon Prime Membership

  • 2018 Letter to Shareholders Growth of Third Party Selling

  • Updated Seller Central Fulfillment by Amazon fulfillment fee schedule

  • March 2019 Vendor Central Outage

  • Temporary Suspension of Vendor Central Direct Fulfillment

  • Amazon Brand Registry

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We appreciate your comments and feedback regarding the White Paper and hope that it helps you sell better on Amazon. Please reach out with any comments or questions.