Which Age Group Uses Amazon Prime Most?

Which Age Group Uses Amazon Prime Most?

Since 2005,  Amazon Prime has been providing members with a wide variety of benefits; from free, fast delivery to various other extension components, such as streaming on multiple media platforms with Prime Video and Prime Music. Its features have undoubtedly given Amazon a competitive edge among E-commerce sites. Therefore, it’s no secret that Amazon Prime is a lucrative way Amazon engages and maintains consumer loyalty. But who has Amazon Prime been appealing to most?


According to this survey, people between the ages 20 to 29 have the highest proportion of Amazon Prime membership holders, with 82% claiming that they do. We can observe a downward projection in the proportion of Amazon Prime membership holders as we shift towards the older demographics, with people between the ages 70 to 79 having the lowest proportion of Prime membership holders at 64%.

Why are younger people more likely to have Prime accounts?


Young people are most likely attracted to Prime for its main appealing attribute: convenience. With the constant chaos of managing families, going to soccer games, birthday parties, as well as work, school, and countless other responsibilities, young and middle-aged people,  do not have the luxury of taking their time when shopping. In their fast-moving lives, it is essential to have services that will move similarly fast (like free 2-day shipping or free same-day delivery). Also, the rise of streaming services is more prevalent with the younger generations, and the convenience factor is highlighted when Amazon Prime allows members to stream music, movies, and various other entertainment services all through the same platform. 


Amazon advertises Prime on a wide number of sites that receive a large amount of traffic from the younger demographic (ex. Facebook). This causes Prime to show up more on young peoples’ radar, for them to later be drawn in by the flashy multitude of benefits. 

Deals and offers

Younger people tend to have less disposable income and fewer savings than older people, so the deals and offers that Prime offers definitely proves to be advantageous. For example, Prime has a feature called Prime Student, which provides college students with Prime membership at half-price, which benefits students by getting them necessary materials for their school work faster, or anything else they may need. Also, Amazon has an upcoming annual event called Amazon Prime day, which is a day exclusive to Prime members to get black Friday level deals for up to 36 hours. 

From what we can tell, Prime has given a leading advantage in the E-Commerce industry among the younger demographics and has the potential to become even more widespread with the increasing amount of online shopping.