About Goat Consulting

Goat Consulting helps brands and manufacturers sell on the Amazon marketplace and attain our clients goals. Our services include strategic guidance, keyword and market research, product listing copywriting, running Amazon Advertising, and managerial reporting. We have worked with businesses in different categories and business models which gives us a unique experience to apply to your account while always keeping a holistic approach to your business outside of Amazon. Our entire team is located in Minneapolis, so if you are in the area let’s grab coffee. Reach out through our Contact Us link below.


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Meet the Team

Will Tjernlund Amazon Goat Consulting

Will Tjernlund


Amazon FBA, Retail Strategy Positioning and Sales, Global E-commerce Authority Speaker

Will Tjernlund is the co-founder and a managing partner at Goat Consulting. Will is a notable figure in the e-commerce industry, speaking at conferences around the world, including the United States, Europe and Asia. Will started his career at his family's 80+ year old manufacturing company with the goal of expanding the e-commerce and Amazon presence. The efforts by Will quickly made Amazon the number one sales channel for his family's business which now grosses tens of millions of dollars annually. Will uses his background in economics, experience selling on Amazon, and insights gained from speaking with businesses around the world to help brands and manufacturers have a clear strategy for success.

Eric Sutton Amazon Goat Consulting

Eric Sutton

Operations Manager

Operations, Retail Strategy, Amazon Advertising, New Business Development

Eric Sutton is an Operations Manager at Goat Consulting where he leads client engagement and helps brands and manufacturers sell more effectively on Amazon.com through optimized product listings, Amazon Advertising, and strategy for Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central clients. Eric graduated from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota with a degree in Marketing Management and Business Administration. Eric’s role within Goat Consulting consists of leading Goat Consulting employees in executing best practices around selling on Amazon including keyword and market research, product listing creation, Amazon Advertising, and managerial reporting. Eric has a passion for solving problems and helping clients accomplish their goals for selling on Amazon.

Sam Rayner Amazon Goat Consulting

Sam Rayner

Account Manager

Supply Chain and Logistics, Wholesale/Retail Strategy, Business Development, Brand Defense

Sam Rayner is an Account Manager for Goat Consulting. In his role, Sam works directly with brands and manufacturers to help them attain their goals on Amazon.com through optimized product listings, Amazon Advertising optimization, and providing training to clients to help them understand their business on Amazon. Sam held several positions within C.H. Robinson Corporation where he learned the principles of logistics, sourcing, large bid management, and project management. In his last role at C.H. Robinson, he was responsible for commercial operations with Amazon’s Corporate Transportation team. He enjoys applying his knowledge of the Fulfillment Center Network to businesses striving to optimize their Amazon strategy.


Liz Carson

Account Manager

Product and Market Research, Product Listing Copy writing, Amazon Advertising Optimization

Liz is an Account Manager for Goat Consulting. To improve client listings on Amazon, Liz performs product and market research to better understand general consumer behavior and a product’s market fit. She uses keyword research in writing deliberately positioned product listings to ultimately reach more customers. She ensures the effectiveness of Amazon Advertising campaigns by optimizing targeted keywords to meet client goals. Her strategic and analytical skills are leveraged to ensure a client’s products are positioned for success with the best keywords and advertising campaigns.


Reed Thompson


Merchandising, Customer Behavior, Strategy

Reed Thompson is the CEO and co-founder of Goat Consulting. Reed ensures that the Goat Consulting team has everything they need in order to execute the mission of helping brands and manufacturers sell better on Amazon.com.

He provides high level strategy to client accounts and leads internal operations for completing projects and tasks. Upon graduating from the University of Minnesota - Carlson School of Management with Degrees in Entrepreneurship and International Business, Reed held several leadership positions within Target Corporation where he learned about merchandising, logistics, and the customer experience that he applies to helping brands on the Amazon.com platform.

Mike Gray Amazon Goat Consulting

Mike Gray

Technical Account Manager

Amazon Case Management, Retail Readiness Catalog Audits, Solving Technical Issues for Selling on Amazon, Merchandising

Mike is a Technical Account Manager at Goat Consulting. He champions the success of Goat Consulting’s clients selling on Amazon by ensuring that the content created by Goat Consulting is uploaded and displaying correctly for Amazon customers. Mike has attention to detail and ensures all client catalogs on Amazon are retail ready. Prior to Goat Consulting, he was a Customer Service Representative at Municipal Parking Services where he ensured compliance of the parking system. He also worked for Johnson Brothers in sales and distribution where he gained an appreciation for the customer experience through merchandising in a retail setting.

Elena Calderon Amazon Goat Consulting

Elena Calderón

Associate Account Manager

Keyword Research, Product Listing Copywriting, Amazon Advertising Optimization

Elena is an Associate Account Manager for Goat Consulting. She helps brands and manufacturers sell more on Amazon by understanding the keywords and search terms that customers would search to find and purchase our client’s products on Amazon. She uses those keywords in writing effective copy to align with what the product is to what customers are searching. Her attention to detail ensures that all product descriptions and information are accurate on the Amazon site.


Tom Malz

Associate Account Manager

Amazon Advertising Optimization, Managerial Reporting

Tom is an Associate Account Manager for Goat Consulting. He helps brands and manufactures sell more on Amazon by optimizing Amazon Advertising campaigns which drives traffic to product listings and converts clicks into sales with the most efficient spend to meet client sales and advertising goals. Tom compiles sales and advertising data to help Account Managers and clients understand their Amazon account and take actionable steps with implementing positive changes.


Keaton Sieve

Associate Account Manager

Amazon Retail Readiness, Managerial Reporting

Keaton is an Associate Account Manager for Goat Consulting. Keaton improves the merchandising of client catalog’s by performing market research surveys to understand value propositions of products, performing keyword research that customers might search to find and purchase products on Amazon, and writing effective marketing copy. Keaton is passionate about testing hypotheses about the products customers sell through market research surveys to gain insights in an objective way which helps brands and manufacturers merchandise their products better on Amazon.