Riedell Skates Case Study

Riedell Skates has been an industry leader in roller and ice skate products for over 70 years. When Riedell Skates contacted Goat Consulting, they were offering a limited selection of their SKUs on Amazon.com. However, nearly all SKUs were being offered on Amazon.com by various wholesale accounts and re-sellers. This mix of distribution resulted in duplicate listings, inconsistent branding & product descriptions and overall poor merchandising of Riedell Skate products. Riedell Skate’s goal was to offer their entire catalog on Amazon.com themselves through Seller Central, clean up the brand’s presence in the marketplace, and focus on Amazon.com as a key sales channel for their business.

Key Opportunities

  • Product detail page bullet points had overlapping value communication

  • Product titles did not fully communicate critical product details

  • Poor keyword indexing for consumer searches

  • Duplicate listings caused customer confusion

  • Inconsistent product and brand messaging across products

  • Size and Color SKUs were not properly structured into product variations

Goat Consulting Actions

  • Bullet points now cover unique value propositions to quickly communicate value to Amazon consumers. Unique value points include: product durability, comfortable fit, smooth riding, safety, price value & product use.

  • Product titles communicate as much information as possible within Amazon category title structure guidelines.

  • Keyword indexing improved across all products by incorporating intact and broken priority consumer searches directly into product detail page content (title, bullet points, product description, backend 250 search terms)

  • Merged duplicate listings to allow customers to feel confident knowing they are buying the correct Riedell product

  • Structure all SKU into appropriate size color variations

Client Listing Example

Other Services Provided by Goat Consulting

Goat Consulting manages Riedell Skates Amazon Advertising and Marketing on an ongoing basis, provides monthly strategic reporting, performs market research and general consultation.

A Word from the Client

Goat Consulting has been phenomenal to work with. We had researched a couple other companies to help us with our Amazon sales initiative, but it was ultimately Goat Consulting checked all the boxes for us and we couldn’t be happier with the decision we have made. Once the initial set up work was completed, we saw immediate results. The team at Goat Consulting is responsive and engaging and continuously looks for ways to help us improve our business on the marketplace. They also help us to deal with and resolve issues quickly and effectively when they arise. We’d definitely recommend Goat Consulting to anyone looking to sell the right way on Amazon

-Tyler, Marketing Manager Riedell Skates

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