Goat Consulting Services 

No two businesses are the same. Our clients come in all shapes and sizes with catalogs ranging from 10 SKUs to 10,000+ SKUs. Goat Consulting operates in all Amazon business models including Seller Central FBA/Merchant Fulfilled, Vendor Central, as well as other international Amazon marketplaces.  We strive to support our client’s as a complete outsourced Amazon channel manager.

Client Support

At the foundation of every service we provide is our commitment to client support. As our client’s outsourced 3rd party Amazon department, we’re a resource for any questions regarding merchandising, advertising, fulfillment, customer service and anything else Amazon related. We work with our clients internal teams to make sure all aspects of customer service and fulfillment are being performed as to best practices.

On a monthly basis we provide strategy reports that outline key KPIs, but we are in continuous communication with our clients throughout the month via email, phone and web conferencing. Communication outside of the strategy report is flexible to the client’s preference as each client has an assigned Account Manager.

Goat Consulting handles all technical and troubleshooting issues with our clients Amazon accounts. With the breadth of clients we work with, if an issue appears with a client's account, rest assured we have seen it before and will know a quick path to its resolution. 

Whether you’re just getting your Amazon sales channel started or you've been selling on Amazon from years, we are your 3rd party resource for Amazon sales channel management and account growth.

Goat Consulting Process

Goat Consulting takes a holistic view of your Amazon account. We want to be sure your business outside of Amazon is aligned for success with your Amazon selling strategy.

Account Strategy  

We get to know your business so that we can suggest the best Amazon business model for you. If you’re already selling on Amazon, we’ll let you know if it makes sense to change course to a different business model or maintain course with your current one. No matter what business model you currently operate on, Seller Central Merchant Fulfilled/FBA, Vendor Central, we manage them all.

We’ll look at your product catalog offering. If you’re just getting started we’ll help you assemble a competitive portfolio of products for Amazon based on your product category's competitive environment. If you’re already selling on Amazon we’ll look at your current offering on Amazon vs. what products your business has available to identify missed opportunities.

As you add and acquire new products, we seamlessly add them into the Amazon marketplace, writing content, performing keyword research and integrating them into marketing and advertising. We grow your business with you.

Comprehensive Keyword Research  

Identifying the words Amazon customers search to find and purchase products is at the heart of selling on Amazon. We use a sophisticated process for identifying targeted keywords to allow your products to be indexed and searchable by the Amazon search algorithm as well as for Amazon Advertising campaigns using customer surveys and keyword research software.

Goat Consulting looks at immediate competitors, top performing products in the category and other similar products to study revenue, copy and reviews on how consumers shop on Amazon. Using analytic software, we research which keywords are searched most frequently, the rate they convert to purchase and the cost to advertise. We rank the keywords based on how relevant the keywords are for your products.  

We run customer surveys to inquire about product description elements asking questions like, "What would you search to find this product on Amazon?"; "What do you call this product?"; and "How much would you pay for a product like this?". 

These words are included in product listing copy as well as Amazon Advertising.

Product Listing Copy Writing

The goal of the product listing copy writing is to make your product more discoverable as well as improving the conversion rate from potential customers clicking on a listing to converting into a purchase. We use the information gathered from keyword research to write our clients product detail page content (title, bullet point, product description, back-end search terms).

It’s important that the content both communicates the product value and aligns with search terms customers use to search for the product. We write all of our content in-house using our best practice knowledge of the Amazon algorithm. If you are just getting started on Amazon we’ll write the all content from scratch. If you are already selling on Amazon, we’ll look at their current content and rewrite and optimize content as needed.

We will create additional Amazon marketing content through A+ enhanced brand content and Storefront Brand Page once Brand Registry is completed.

Amazon Advertising and Campaign Management  

Once product listing copy is updated, we turn our focus towards advertising through Amazon Advertising by running sponsored products (campaign manager), sponsored brands, headline searches, and product display ads.

We set up the architecture of our clients advertising campaigns utilizing best practices of campaign grouping and ad group segmentation. As the campaigns run, we gather the KPIs of impressions, clicks, ACoS, cost per click, and sales at a search term level which we use to optimize the campaigns.

On a continuous basis, we add and subtract keywords and search terms, increase/decrease keyword bid pricing, increase and decrease campaign budget, pause and enable advertised products at a SKU level, and adjust campaign types to better target Amazon customers to increase sales with the lowest amount of advertisement spend in order to meet the marketing and advertising goals of our client.


We provide a monthly strategy report which details key performance metrics, outlines our strategy, tasks performed by Goat Consulting, and action steps for the next month

The strategic report presents a simple executive summary to see at a snapshot the performance of the Amazon account. This helps paint a clear picture of the account health and informs stakeholders of key information.

Reporting helps us adjust our approach to strategy, keyword research, copy writing and advertising.

To see an example of our reporting for Vendor Central, Click Here

To see an example of our reporting for Seller Central, Click Here

For in-depth descriptions and definitions for both reports Click Here

Additional Miscellaneous Services

The core of our service offering is listed above, but the following services are also offered by Goat Consulting:

  • International Amazon Account management

  • Brand Defense (Brand Gating, Removal of Counterfeit Products and Merging of Duplicate Listings)

  • Management of automated customer engagement email software

  • And More

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