Software Developer

Goat Consulting is looking for a Software Developer who wants to champion the success of our clients selling on Amazon. If you want to make an impact on a team that is helping brands and manufactures grow their sales on the world’s largest marketplace, you have come to the right place

We know applying for a job and taking on new responsibilities can be uncomfortable. During the process you are assessing if Goat Consulting is the right fit for you just as much as we are assessing if you are a right fit for us. Here a few resources to get to know us better:

About You

You are empathetic. You understand that programming is a different language for some people. You take the time to listen to stakeholders needs, goals, and questions.

Details matter to you. An incorrect line of code can render your project unusable.

Solving problems motivate you. Documentation from third party APIs are not always clear and can require trial and error testing. You get excited about working through these issues and overcoming these problems.

You are resilient. APIs can change and break apps. You work through these issues knowing that there can be pain in growth.

Honesty and integrity are core values. Clients come to us because they trust us. You will do what is right for all stakeholders: Goat Consulting, our clients, Amazon, and customers.

You are adaptable. You can work effectively by yourself as well as with others, whether that is a co-worker, client, or Amazon.

Things You Might Do

Goat Consulting helps brands and manufacturers sell on Amazon. You will utilize best practices in technology in order to help clients sell more products, improve Goat Consulting processes, and expand our capabilities to meet our growth objectives. Here are tasks you will lead:

  • Integrate the Amazon Advertising API with Goat Consulting. Amazon offers a powerful way to automate, scale, and optimize advertising which will allow us to improve our processes for growing Amazon sales for our clients, and improve efficiencies to work with more clients.

  • Integrate the Product Advertising API with Goat Consulting. Amazon offers an API that allows users to utilize data used by Amazon including the items for sale, customer reviews, seller reviews, as well as most of the functionality you see on, such as finding items, displaying customer reviews, and product promotions.

  • Pull, analyze, and report sales and advertising data to clients. You will build a database and software for client reporting which will allow Goat Consulting Account Manager, clients, and other stakeholders to understand their business on Amazon.

  • Communicate effectively with stakeholders. You will discuss with Goat Consulting employees, clients, and Amazon on best practices, feedback on improvements, and documentation.

  • Be a thought leader for utilizing latest technologies for selling on Amazon. You will be at the forefront for learning best practices and developing new processes for selling on Amazon.

How to Apply

We can’t wait to get to know you and find out if you are a good fit for Goat Consulting and the Software Developer role. Follow these steps to apply:

  1. Review Amazon Advertising Documentation to ensure your competency - Link to Amazon Advertising API

  2. Download and read our white paper - Amazon Marketplace Strategy

  3. Fill out the form below


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