Mermaid Paintings     

Mermaids have always been a human fascination, gracing the pages of famous fables and children’s book. They’ve been the subject of choice for artists of all types. Their majestic nature, grace and beauty appeal to us and their physical similarity to us help us imagine that they can or do exist. 

People enjoy portraits of mermaids and other fantasy creatures because it helps us imagine what something we’ve never seen looks like. The artist can’t merely put a tail and fins on a human body though – they have to imagine what the mermaid’s surroundings would be and how it would move through them. 

Frank Carroll’s mermaid portraits are beautiful, but also comical. There are certainly no rules to fantasy, so he adds a certain whimsy to his paintings – the end results being magical.

Although some of the original paintings shown may have been sold, we have beautiful reproductions available in a variety of formats.