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Frank also specializes in paintings of your home, as well as tiles.
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The walls of Frank's home are adorned with his paintings, some of which are for sale and some of which are priceless memories, too valuable to part with.

The paintings below were available for purchase as of the development of our website. We encourage you to inquire about these as well as others that Frank has since done. Most fine art is available framed or unframed.

Originals can be seen by appointment.

Most of these are also available as note cards and giclée prints. The colors shown on the note cards and prints webpages are much closer in value than these photographs.

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Ragtime Woollybear


Breakfast Served All Day

Tuscany Still Life

Femina Oceania

Barco Verde

Massachusetts State House v.#1

Pond Skating

Massachusetts State House v.#3

Please Clean Your Room!

To the Rescue

Hanover Day


Angels Don't Have Shadows

Save One for Me

KO at the Smoker

Striped Bass


Royal Love

Peppers and Onions


Plymouth Sailing

Cat in the Window

Luna Maid, Tunes and Stuff

King Philip

Schooner Yacht

Lantern Painter

Bluefin Tuna

The Mermaid's Farm

The Columbia in Canton Harbor

Hunting Dog

Largemouth Bass

The Sinking of the Essex

Ruby Glass

Irish Import

Flo Blue IV

Pepper in Chowder

First Congregational Church, Hanover

The Surf Caster

Flying Objects

Looking Out the Kitchen Window


Striped Bass II

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